TJ Summers: The Next Lacrosse Star

The next upcoming Summers in the NCAA

TJ Summers getting ready for daily practice at Al Marzook Field 

TJ Summers’ life involves three important things, family, friends, and lacrosse. For TJ, all three aspects have gotten him to where he is today.

Today, he is a student-athlete on the men’s lacrosse team at the University of Hartford.
His journey in lacrosse started at a very young age.

His father is responsible for giving TJ his first ever lacrosse stick at the age of two. Ever since he used his first lacrosse stick, TJ’s love for the game has grown.

With two older brothers and a sister, he shared a common love for lacrosse which allowed the family to bond to the sport their father played where he grew up in Ithaca, New York.

TJ was born and raised in San Diego, California where he lived his whole life prior to college. He went to Westview High school which is a public school. At Westview, he grew immensely as a lacrosse player.

He played club lacrosse for 3D San Diego and LA Cobras where he got looks from Utah, Hofstra, Colgate, and Hartford out of high school.

Reaching his Dreams 

His constant work ethic and love for the sport of lacrosse allowed him to reach his goal of playing Division 1 lacrosse and earning many accolades such as being named three-time all-Palomar and two-time recipient of Offensive MVP. However, the most meaningful awards that he received was earning US Lacrosse All-American, and US Lacrosse All-Academic team his senior year.


This is “something I have been working forward my whole life” when he received the accolade of being a US Lacrosse All-American in the greater San Diego area. Through his excellent play and big frame, TJ committed to play lacrosse at the University of Utah as a junior in high school.

When TJ committed to Utah, Utah announced that they were going Divison 1 which fulfilled TJ’s dream. However, TJ dealt with a little adversity when he arrived on campus.

The coaches did not have a spot for him saying “he did not fit their mold as an attackman” which resulted in TJ into transferring to the University of Hartford to play lacrosse.

However, the change in schools allowed TJ to pursue his dream.

With two older brothers and a sister, he shared a common love for lacrosse which eventually grew into one of his favorite memories growing up.

“In lacrosse, my biggest influences were my brothers and my dad.”

Being more than a lacrosse player

His family took a trip into Disney World when TJ was six. He remembers staying He remembers one specific moment with his brother when he cried on one of the kiddy rides which is still an inside joke within the family.

This experience allowed TJ to become closer with his brothers who played lacrosse at Bentley and Monmouth respectively. Being the second youngest sibling in the family, he has plenty of reason to look to his two brothers.

Although his brothers have been influential, he considers his mother the most influential person in his life. “She is the strongest person I know and always has a smile on her face,” Summers says of his mother.

Currently, he is the Barney School of Business, majoring in Marketing as a freshman in college. His future plans are to work for an NFL team in their marketing department.

Although he would love to work for any NFL team, he would prefer to work for the Los Angeles Chargers since it is his hometown team. His dream job would be a “chief marketing officer for an NFL team”.

While at home, TJ likes to go to the beach, play video games, and hang out with his friends which gives him an escape from his true passions of being a student-athlete. Lacrosse will always be a big part of TJ’s life while he pursues his professional goals in the future.

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